Dawn Scarfe

Selected exhibitions and activities

20.01.23 LU:WN Tread into Mulch, HYG London
07.10.22 Soundcamp X Kate Donovan: l a g An Experiment in Ecological Radio Het Hem, Zaandam
28.08.22 Outside Influence, Lisboa Soa
30.04.22 Reveil
27.04.22 SPOR festival Aarhus
14.12.21 Radio Ecológica for Radio Tsonami Festival
20.10.21 Sound Envelope for Spark festival Hong Kong with Ryo Ikeshiro
15.07.21 listening room
08.07.21 lu:wn at Iklectik
01.05.21-01.05.21 Soundcamp/Reveil
10.12.20 CHASE Auraldiversities: Listening in the Present Tense (Session 2)
16.06.20 So remember the liquid ground, RCA MA Curating and Gasworks
26.08.20-27.08.20 Ecoute, ecoute, Rennes
02.05.20-03.05.20 Soundcamp/Reveil
26.04.20 TONSPUR_live sets Artists in Isolation [4] preview
27.01.20-29.01.20 Acoustic Commons launch, École Supérieure d'Art in Aix en Provence
25.11.19-29.11.19 Acoustic Commons workshops, hosted by Full of Noises Cumbria with Locus Sonus, CONA, FON, Soundcamp
04.10.19-05.10.19 Bivvy Broadcasts, Waltham Forest Borough of Culture programme
30.08.19-29.09.19 LIAF, Svolvær
06.09.19-08.09.19 Put this in your window and think of me, Cambridge Artworks Artspace
03.08.19 Supernormal Super Sensory Summer School Species Screen, Oxfordshire
21.06.19 The Dark Outside, Epping Forest
04.05.19 Soundcamp, Rotherhithe
22.07.18 Bluedot festival, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire
05.05.18 Soundcamp, Rotherhithe
05.12.17 Kammer Klang, Café Oto
28.10.17 Full of Noises, Barrow-in-Furness
15.10.17 Vibrant Matter, Studio 8, Berlin
13.10.17-15.10.17 Organ Reframed, Union Chapel, London
13.05.17-21.05.17 Art Week Exeter
06.05.17-07.05.17 Soundcamp, Jeju, Korea
29.10.16 Listening to the End of the World, Goldsmiths University of London
18.06.16 Language Landscape and the Sublime, Schumacher College, Devon
18.06.16 School of Noise, Hackney
22.04.16-22.05.16 SoundCamp, Rotherhithe
07.02.16-27.02.16 On the Sensations of Tone, Rennes
07.02.16-27.02.16 The Plantation, TOPOS Exeter
07.11.15 Something in Common, BIT20 Ensemble, Østre, Bergen
03.11.15 Producing Landscapes, TOPOS Exeter
25.09.15 Cut and Splice, Café Oto, London
02..07.15-ongoing Continuous Drift, Dublin
29.04.15-13.05.15 Active Crossover redidency and Soundcamp, MoKS, Mooste
09.12.14 Points of Listening, CRiSAP London
25.10.14-26.10.14 Hearing the Greenhead, Huddersfield
01.05.14-01.09.14 Foam, touring exhibition
19.04.14, 03.05.14, 17.05.14, 06.09.14 Bivvy broadcasts
15.03.14 Audiograft, Oxford
21.11.13 Oto Project Space, London
07.10.13 Milton Keynes Gallery
29.06.13 The Stream, Canada Water Cultural Space, London
28.06.13 Tuned City, Brussels
14.02.13 The Silence Between, Paul Stolper, London
17.03.12-06.01.13 Sound Art, ZKM, Karlsruhe
20.09.12-23.09.12 Sound City Days, Košice
17.07.12 Touch Invites, Café Oto, London
28.04.12-13.05.12 Sounding City: Public Sound, Kortrijk
01.03.12-31.03.12 AV festival, North East, UK
31.08.11-25.09.11 The London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, London
31.08.11-25.09.11 The Saison Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London
28.02.11 Performatik, Q-O2 werkplaats, Brussels
11.12.10-20.02.11 TONSPUR_expanded: Der Lautsprecher, quartier21/MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
04.11.10-07.11.10 Call & Response, James Taylor Gallery, London
23.09.10-25.09.10 Sound ACTs, University of Aarhus
22.08.10-27.11.10 TONSPUR 36, TONSPUR_passage, quartier21/MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
23.09.10-25.09.10 ARTe SONoro, La Casa Encendida, Madrid
21.01.2010-24.01.2010 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Lehargasse 8, Vienna
23.09.10-25.09.10 The Grand Plasto-Baader-Books, KALEID editions London
25.07.09-15.08.09 Sound Escapes, SPACE London
20.05.09 Re-Think/ Re-use/ Re-make, Bios, Athens
20.04.09 Art and Soundscapes, Goldsmiths, University of London
09.10.08 176 Zabludowicz Collection, London
21.09.08, 15.02.09, 01.04.09 Café Oto, London
20.09.08-16.10.08 Sound:Space, South Hill Park, Bracknell
30.08.08-14.12.08 The Krautcho Club / In and Out of Place, 176 Zabludowicz Collection, London and Schönleinstrasse 28 Berlin
14.07.08-30.09.08 Essense, Beldam Gallery, London
04.07.08-06.07.08 Sonic Arts Expo, Lighthouse Media Centre, Brighton
13.03.08-16.03.08 Sightsonic, York International Festival
28.07.07 PL:ay, Smeatons Lighthouse, Plymouth
12.05.07 Noufaux Riche, Hong Kong
10.05.07 Futuresonic, Manchester
28.04.05 The Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford
01.07.05 Six Sites for Sound, Tate Britain, London